Supplier of Koppers Logs and much much more!

CQ Timber & Steel is your local agent for Koppers, Cement Australia, Premier Nails, Otter Nails, Macsim Fasteners, Jono Holdings, Proline and Peppertown playground equipment.

We have access to all manner of products from T-Hinges and Slippery Slides to Nail Guns and Electric Gate Motors.

If we don’t stock the item you require, we’ll do our best to get it for you and if we can’t get it for you, we’ll do our best to put you in touch with the people who can.

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Concrete Reinforcing

Get everything you need for your concrete project at CQ Timber & Steel. We have a wide selection of concrete reinforcing products. From Concreter’s plastic and mesh chairs to deformed and corner bars. Need mesh? No problem! CQ Timber & Steel stock SL62, 72 and 82 variants plus trench mesh. CQ Timber & Steel are your one stop shop for all your concrete reinforcing needs!

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CQ Timber & Steel stocks a wide selection of steel products perfect for all your building and construction needs. From angle steel and steel sheets to round steel and steel pipe, CQ Timber & Steel stock the lot!

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Koppers Logs

Koppers LogsNatural good looks make Koppers Logs a versatile solution for many landscaping requirements, blending beautifully with their environment to look as natural as the plants and trees that surround them. Koppers Superlogs are available at CQ Timber & Steel where we stock a wide range of diameters and lengths.

Applications include Barriers and Walls, Boardwalks, Fencing and Bollards, Retainer Walls, Steps, Garden Beds, Seating, Pole Homes, Pergolas and Shade Homes.

At CQ Timber & Steel we can help with construction details for a diverse range of projects so call in and have a chat, the answers to your questions may turn out to be a lot easier than you think.

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Metal Products

p09Here we have a sample of the metal products we stock. Galvanised and PVC coated chain wire. Dog, chicken and bird wire. Galvanised and powdercoated fence panels. Galvanised and black star pickets. We fabricate our own metal gates, stock standard for 1m and 3m openings and made to order as per your special request.

Coils of tie wire in varying gauge and roll sizes. Cable wire up to 3.15mm diameter and in rolls up to 500m in length, both in gal and PVC coated. Maspro pliers and clips. 50mm x 50mm posts both gal and powdercoated with post bases and post caps to suit. Shrouds for pool panels and fence panel clips.


p03We carry only Treated Pine Palings. We have found that these are by far the most popular as compared to hardwood. Pine palings are long lasting, easy to install and economical. The range we carry is in 75mm and 100mm widths from 1200mm through to 2100mm in length. The styles are Batten Top (square/flat top) and Colonial Top (pointed top). Purchased by the semi-trailer load, Palings are generally on hand in the quantities required but are only a few days away if ever we do run short. In most cases we can deliver the goods you require with our own delivery vehicles and usually on the same day as you place the order or on the day you specify.

Treated Pine

p04Whether you’re building a timber deck or a pergola, we recommend the use of F7 grade Kiln Dried Treated pine. A renewable resource that is CCA treated to prevent white ants for up to 40 years. Here at CQ Timber & Steel we stock a large variety of sizes and lengths of this Structural Treated pine timber. Lengths ranging from 3.6m to 6m and sizes from 45mm x 19mm right through to 240mm x 45mm. At CQ Timber & Steel we have Treated Pine Decking in 90mm x 22mm x 4.8m lengths as well as Hardwood Decking in a variety of lengths.

Quality timber

p05We buy our timber by the Semi load and very rarely do we find ourselves low or out of stock on any of the popular lines. We deal with the suppliers who can provide us with quality “Slash” Treated Pine products rather than the lighter “Radiata Pine” which we feel is not suited to our climate. In particular the New Zealand Radiata we feel is an inferior product to “Slash” which is a heavier and stronger timber. So while you’re making enquiries when the time comes to build that pine fence or retainer wall, the first question you ask should be “is it Slash?”


Hardwood Sleepers are available in 2.4m and 3m lengths, both are 200mm wide and 50mm thick.

Pine Sleepers are available in 2.4m, 3m and 4.8m lengths, also 200mm wide and 50mm thick. As well as these standard sizes, we have a more sturdy Pine Sleeper in 2.4m and 3m lengths which are both 200mm wide and 75mm thick.


p07We stock a vast array of fasteners to be used in conjunction with the the other products we sell. We have items to sell as singles, in pre-packs or in bulk. Premier and Duofast coil nails – standard for timber, reinforced for use in metal and stainless steel dome headed if you are building a timber deck. We also hire out and sell the nail guns that these nails are used in.

We have d-latches, light and heavy duty hinges, single and double gate hinge packs, drop bolts, pad bolts, self closing hinges and child proof gate latches for the pool gate. Post and log supports, triple grips, joist hangers, multigrips, nail plates, gal and stainless strapping, batten screws, deck spikes, cup head bolts, coach screws, wing TEK metal screws and much more. So call in, we may just have the item you haven’t been able to find anywhere else.

Pastes, Paints, Powders and Oils

Outdoor timbers are exposed to temperature changes, water, moisture and humidity. Timber will absorb and lose water. When this occurs, it can swell or shrink, sometimes causing twisting, warping or cracking.

CQ Timber & Steel carry a range of Pastes, Paints, Powders and Oils all designed to help prevent this from occurring.

We stock top quality UV Plus Water repellents and sealers which will give protection and maintain that appearance of your timber products.

Our range of Raincoat products is the best way to protect and beautify your timber
as well as minimising warping and splitting.

Raincoat repels water and reduces the effect of weathering and bleaching giving
a honey-glow finish to treated pine products.

p08CN Emulsion is ideal for above and below ground use.

A heavy jelly-like substance applied to exposed timber, particularly in holes or rebates that may trap moisture.

CN Timber Oil, a general timber preserver, is ideal for protecting untreated timber both pines and hardwoods,
it preserves the exterior of your timber and stops fungal decay.

Reseal is a water based powder product that will protect timber that has been cut or machined.