Paling Fencing


Our most popular type of fence is the timber paling. As well as being cost effective, the timber paling fence looks very attractive when constructed. The timber paling offers many different heights and styles. Ranging from 900mm to 2.1M, you have the option of 75mm or 100mm wide palings Batten top or even Colonial as shown in this photo.

The most popular type of of timber paling fence is very much the 1800mm high Batten top. This type of fence is generally constructed with three rows of 100mm x 38mm fence rails fastened to 2.4M x 100mm round Koppers logs. When using palings of this size we strongly recommend that three rails are used, you may cut down on the initial cost by using only two rails, but you will find that before long your palings will twist and warp due to lack of support.