Pool Fencing


With back yard pools becoming more common, it is important that the ‘child proof’ fence you are compelled by law to have, be installed correctly. Regardless of what materials you use, or where your pool is located, there are minimum and maximum height, distance, gap, latch and hinge standards that you adhere to.

If not done correctly from the start, the alterations needed to get your pool fence to the standard required, may well cost you a lot of extra time, drama and money. To do it right from the start, we suggest you call in and pick up one of our ‘Quick Guide to Swimming Pool Requirements’ pamphlets to get you started on the right track.

The most popular pool fences today are made, as seen in this photo, using light and easy to erect, powdercoated aluminium ‘Pool Panels’. These panels come in a variety of designs and can be powder-coated to the colour you choose. A heavy gauge galvanised steel pool panel is also available and on display at our yard and you are welcome to call in to view and discuss.